Can You Use PC Optimum Points Online?

Can you add PC optimum points after purchase?

PC Optimum points will not be granted on previously-completed purchases where a valid Card was not presented prior to payment..

Can I use my PC optimum points at superstore?

Earn and spend PC Optimum points at almost 2,500 participating stores, including stores like Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, Joe Fresh and Shoppers Drug Mart. Visit our store locator to see all participating locations in your area.

Do you get optimum points when you buy gift cards?

Here are some ways to earn Shoppers Optimum points much faster: * Buy a gift card before you shop. If you plan to spend $100 at Shoppers Drug Mart, buy a $100 gift card before you do your shopping. You will earn 1,000 for that purchase (at 10 points per $1).

How do I maximize my PC points?

7 genius ways to maximize PC Optimum pointsPay attention to the weekly email deals. … Game the algorithm. … Get the right credit card to boost points power. … Look for juicy sign-up bonuses. … Shop smart. … Focus spending to maximize points. … Stack your offers.

How does 20x the optimum points work?

20x the Points Event You get 20x the points you would get normally. Have to spend $50 usually to get the 20x the points. Spending $50 before tax would equal 10,000 points. Hence, the % return will go from 1.70% to 34% you spend $250 and you get $85 back.

Can I use my PC points on Instacart?

For those who collect President’s Choice Optimum Points, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to redeem them in-store—you can use them for online purchases, too. … [Note: if you’re getting groceries delivered via Instacart, you can collect PC points for each order, but you can’t redeem them.]

Do you get PC points at No Frills?

Here is a little more detail: Earn and spend PC Optimum points at almost 2,500 participating stores, including stores like Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, Joe Fresh and Shoppers Drug Mart. … Every 10,000 PC Optimum points is like $10 worth of free stuff.

How do I claim my missing PC optimum points?

Just contact Loblaws now at 1-866-727-6468 to do so.

How do I maximize my optimum points?

How to Maximize Your PC Optimum PointsTake Advantage of Weekly Offers. … Check Weekly Flyers for Bonus Points Events. … Fine-Tune Your PC Optimum App Offers. … Use a PC Financial MasterCard. … Join PC Insiders. … Buy Gas at Superstore and Esso. … Use Multiple Accounts for a Family.

Can you pay for gas with PC optimum points?

At the pump, you will only be able to collect points with your PC Financial Mastercard® if you also use it to pay for fuel. In the convenience store, you can use the PC Financial Mastercard® to collect points, and then pay for fuel or products with any other form of payment.

Can I use PC optimum points to buy gift cards?

Yes. While customers can purchase almost anything in-store with their points, there will be some exclusions, such as gift cards and alcohol.

How many PC points is $1?

10 pointsUnder the Shoppers Optimum program, every $1 spent earns you 10 points. You need 8,000 points to buy $10 worth of goods. Under the new PC Optimum program, you’ll need 10,000 points for $10.

How do I transfer my optimum points to another computer?

How to merge your points into PC OptimumStep 1: Create your PC Optimum account. You have to register and create a brand new PC id. … Step 2: Link your accounts. Then you can actually choose which account you’d like to link to your PC Optimum account. … Step 3: Verify.

Where can I use PC optimum points?

Your points can be redeemed at nearly 2,500 locations from retailers including:Loblaws.No Frills.Shoppers Drug Mart.Real Canadian Superstore.The Independent Grocer, and more.

How many PC points do you get for gas?

Earn at least 30 points per litre at Esso and Mobil stations with a PC Financial Mastercard®.