How Do I Get Vitality Active Rewards?

How do you earn active rewards on vitality?

Log into the Discovery app and start earning points by getting active with Vitality fitness partners.

Step 3: Get rewarded Each time you reach your weekly goal, you’ll earn a Vitality Active Reward – like coffee and smoothie vouchers that you can redeem right away!.

Feed your family good health with Vitality HealthyFood Check the Pick n Pay and Woolworths HealthyFood catalogues to see which products qualify. Then SMS “Join” to 47751 to start getting rewarded for healthy choices with Vitality.

How do I spend my vitality rewards?

Log in to the Discovery Bank app. Choose your Discovery Miles account. Tap on Pay and then on Pay in store. Add the amount you want to spend.

What is the maximum Vitality Points per day?

You can earn a maximum of 8 Vitality activity points per day and up to 40 Vitality activity points per week. We’ll award points for only one exercise activity per day, using an activity tracker, so if you do more than one activity in a day you’ll only receive points for the one that earns the most points.

How much is vitality monthly?

Price changesScheme20192020Vitality MemberR259R280Vitality Member + 1R309R340Vitality Member + 2R359R395Vitality ActiveR45R892 more rows•Sep 13, 2019

How many vitality points can you earn a week?

You can earn a maximum of eight Vitality activity points a day per member and a maximum of 40 Vitality activity points a week per member.

How does the new vitality rewards work?

Your Vitality Active Rewards goals When you achieve your exercise, drive or money goal, you’ll get rewarded with a play on the gameboard and a chance to earn Discovery Miles – our one rewards currency that you can spend on a range of exciting rewards of your choice.

How do I get Gold status with vitality?

How can I reach Gold?Earn 40 Vitality points each week for getting active, that’s 2,080 points each plan year.Earn 15 points a week for attending a WW Wellness Workshop meeting, that’s 780 points each plan year.

How many vitality points do you need for gold?

The number of Vitality points needed to reach Bronze, Silver and Gold Vitality status will be lowered in 2020. A single member will need only 7 500 points to get to Bronze, 25 000 points to get to Silver and 40 000 points to get to Gold in 2020.