Question: How Do I Pair My Aria Air?

Why does my Fitbit not work?

Try restarting your Fitbit device.

After that, try updating your device again.

If it’s still not working, try restarting your mobile device.

If you’re trying to sync your Fitbit with your mobile device, try removing the Bluetooth connection from your mobile device..

Do I need a Fitbit to use the Aria scale?

Best answer: Nope — anyone can step on the scale and it’ll give you an accurate reading. If you want to keep track of your weight, you’ll need the Fitbit app on your smartphone. To get the most out of the Aria, however, a Fitbit fitness tracker like the Versa connects with even more features.

How does Aria 2 know which user?

How does the Fitbit Aria 2 know who is on the scale? … The Aria 2 then recognizes each individual based on weight — it displays the weight and then displays the inttials of the user. If there are two or more people who are close in weight, then double-check the initials.

How do I change my aria 2 to lean mode?

About Fitbit Aria 2Tap the Today tab , and tap your profile picture.Tap Aria 2.Tap People Using This Scale.Tap your name.Turn Lean Mode on or off. The next time you weigh in and the scale syncs, the mode switches and your body fat percentage is calculated with the mode you selected.

How do I pair my Fitbit Aria Air?

With your scale and Wi-Fi router nearby, open the Fitbit app on your Bluetooth-enabled phone, tablet, or computer.On the Today tab , tap your profile picture > Aria 2.Tap Wi-Fi Network or Pair Scale to Different Network (depending on the device).More items…

How do I resync my Aria scale?

To reconnect your Aria scale:In a web browser, go to the pink Get Started button in order to begin the setup process.Enter a name for your scale and your initials.More items…•

How do I change my weight in Fitbit?

From the dashboard, click the gear icon . Select your scale….How do I reassign a weight on my Fitbit scale?Tap the Today tab > your profile picture > your scale tile.Tap Recent Weigh-Ins.Tap the weigh-in you want to reassign.Reassign the weigh-in to the correct person.

Why isn’t my Fitbit scale syncing?

From the dashboard, click the gear icon . Check the battery level of your scale. The battery level is accurate as of the last sync. … If the battery level isn’t low, remove the batteries for at least 10 seconds and reinsert them.

Does the Fitbit Aria Air measure body fat?

Fitbit Aria Air will serve you well in either case. However, if you want to know metrics such as body fat, cardio health, visceral fat levels or any of that, the Aria Air is not for you. All it can tell you is your weight.

Where is settings in Fitbit app?

MarreFitbitFrom the Fitbit app dashboard, tap or click the Account icon.Tap or click Advanced Settings.Tap or click Stride Length.Adjust your stride length.

How do I get my Aria scale to recognize me?

From the dashboard, click the gear icon .Click Settings.Click Personal Info and verify that your height and weight are correct and click Submit.Weigh yourself 3 times to verify that your scale recognizes you.

How do I sync my Fitbit to my iPhone?

How to pair your Fitbit to your iPhone or iPadTap the account button in the upper-right corner of the Fitbit app.Tap Set Up a Device.Select the Fitbit you want to pair from the available list. … Plug your Fitbit into its charger.Tap Next.More items…•

What does Fitbit Aria Air Do?

Get a more complete picture of your health with Fitbit Aria Air™, an easy-to-use smart scale that displays your weight and syncs it to the Fitbit app where you can view BMI, track trends over time and more.

What is the difference between Fitbit Aria Air and Aria 2?

While the Aria 2 connects via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the Aria Air does so only via Bluetooth to your phone. … The Aria 2’s Wi-Fi setup means you don’t need your phone nearby. You just step on the scale (where it recognises each user by approximate weight), and it sends the reading to your Fitbit account database.

How do I change my aria air to KG?

Note that for Fitbit Aria Air you can tap the button on the back of the scale to switch between pounds, stones, or kilograms….From the dashboard, click the gear icon > Settings > Personal Info.Under Advanced Settings, find Units and choose the type of units you want to use.Click Submit.

How do I reset my aria air?

Factory ResetOn the back of Aria Air, touch and hold the button for 5 seconds. The display flashes otA.Touch and hold the button for another 5 seconds, until the display shows clr.Your scale is reset.

What is the difference between Fitbit Aria and Aria 2?

The Aria is smaller at 1.3 x 12.3 x 12.3 inches and 4.7 pounds. The difference in size isn’t significant, but the Aria 2 might be a little bit sturdier. … The Aria has a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds, while the Aria 2 has a capacity of 400 pounds.

How do you reset your Fitbit?

What should I know about using the Fitbit app on my Android phone?…To factory reset your tracker:Attach the charging cable to your tracker and plug the other end into a USB port.Press and hold the button for approximately two seconds and without letting go of the button: … Let go of the button and hold it down again.More items…