Question: What Is A Plaafp?

What does plop stand for in special education?

Present Level of Educational PerformanceThe Present Level of Educational Performance (PLOP) section of an Individualized Education Program (IEP) “is a written description of the student’s strengths, areas of concern and learning styles” (Virginia Department of Education, 1998, p..

How do you write a PLEP?

Make sure a PLEP statement includes these elements:A statement of how the disability affects the student’s involvment and progress in the general curriculum.A description of the student’s performance levels in the skill areas affected by the disability.Logical cues for writing the accompanying goals for improvement.

What does FAPE stand for and what does it include?

free appropriate public educationThe Section 504 regulation requires a school district to provide a “free appropriate public education” (FAPE) to each qualified person with a disability who is in the school district’s jurisdiction, regardless of the nature or severity of the person’s disability.

How do you write an IEP present level of performance?

How to write present level of performance examples Describe Your child’s learning strengths. … Describe your child’s weaknesses. … Provide objective data from your child’s evaluation results. … Write a paragraph containing the information gathered in the prior steps.

What is a baseline in special education?

What is baseline data and how is it collected? Baseline data is a measurement that is collected prior to intervention or teaching starting. It can be collected through various measures including: percent accuracy, frequency, duration, rate and intervals.

What is included in a Plaafp?

The purpose of the PLAAFP is to identify the kinds and amount of special education services your child may need. So the PLAAFP statement includes information about how your child’s disability affects or would affect his involvement in the general education curriculum. … This information is then included in his IEP.

What should be included in the present level of performance?

Definition of PLOP (Present Level of Performance) An assessment which should be done freshly and thoroughly each year, a PLOP should include a detailed description of your child’s current abilities and skills, with attention to his weakness and strengths and how these will affect his education.

What is meant by functional performance?

Functional performance generally refers to skills or activities that may not be considered academic or related to a child’s academic achievement.

What are present levels?

A fully developed, well-written “present levels” is the foundation upon which the rest of the IEP can be developed to specify appropriate goals, services, supports, accommodations, and placement for the child.