Question: What Percentage Of Students Get A 9 At GCSE?

What is a 9 in GCSE?

The 9-1 grading scheme was brought in alongside a new GCSE curriculum in England.

The highest grade is 9, while 1 is the lowest, not including a U (ungraded).

Exams watchdog Ofqual says fewer grade 9s are awarded than A*s, and that anyone who gets a 9 has “performed exceptionally”..

What percentage is a 7 in GCSE?

Grade 4 score = 26.5% / Grade 7 score = 51%. Grade 4 score = 26% / Grade 7 score = 56%. Grade 4 score = 47.5% / Grade 7 score = 67.5%.

What percentage of students get a 9 in maths?

What it means in practice is that around 20 percent of those exams awarded a 7 or above will be given a 9. Ofqual predicts that only 3 percent of students sitting GCSE Maths will receive a 9, down from the 7 percent awarded an A* last year.

How many students got all 9s in GCSE 2019?

We have looked at the number of 16-year-old students in England taking 7 or more reformed 9 to 1 GCSEs who achieved a grade 9 in all of them. In total, there were 837 students that achieved this, 66% of whom were female and 34% of whom were male. The table below breaks this down by the number of GCSEs taken.

What percentage of students get A * at GCSE?

Nearly 26% gained A* or A grades, compared to 18% in 2019. And 74.5% of students received A*-C grades, compared with 62.8% last year.

Is it hard to get a 9 in GCSE?

While getting a 9 in GCSE Maths is difficult, it is not an impossible achievement. Put in the practice and hard work now and you’ll have a very good chance of nailing it in your exams and getting the grade you’re after.

How hard is it to get a 9?

The coveted grade 9, which is intended to be more difficult to achieve than an A*, made up 4.5 per cent of all grades given to 16-year-olds, meaning it was achieved approximately 187,000 times. Girls hit the highest grades more often than boys, with 5.2 per cent of grades reaching a 9 versus 3.8 per cent for boys.

Is 8 an A * in GCSE?

Grade 9 is the equivalent of above an A* Grade 8 is the equivalent of in between grades A* and A. Grade 7 is the equivalent of a grade A.