Quick Answer: How Do I Get Level 3 Peacekeeper?

How do you get the peacekeeper missions?

Note: To get access to the Peacekeeper quests you need to complete the quest Friend from the West – Part 2 from Skier..

How do you level up peacekeeper?

The best way to level Peacekeeper to max level is simply to buy American dollars off him using Roubles – the roubles count as the money spent, so I simply bought as much dollars as I needed to to get him to royalty/max level. Far easier and more economically viable if you do this method.

How do I raise my peacekeeper reputation?

Just give skier 2-3 quests at level 1: the normal 3m one, and the kill 12 pmc one. once you finish kill 12 pmc, you can move on to shoreline, or they could just make both available at the same time. I wonder if eventually they plan on making the go to trader early for BEAR as Prapor and for USEC youd get Peacekeeper.

How do you get a peacekeeper?

It’ll hold 32 rounds in a clip, or 42 with the Hybrid Mags attachment. Players who want to try out the Peacekeeper in Black Ops 4 will have to acquire it through the Black Market, however. It seems like the only way to get it right now is to open it from a reserve case or weapon bribe.

Does peacekeeping require Kappa mission?

Peacekeeping mission is no longer required for kappa – Imgur.