Quick Answer: How Much Is A Pikachu Worth?

What is the most expensive Pikachu card?

Pikachu Illustrator cardThe Pikachu Illustrator card is the most expensive Pokémon card in the world.

CoroCoro originally gave this artistic Pikachu to winners of an illustration competition back in 1998.

Only 39 Pikachu Illustrator cards exist, and only ten are known to be in mint condition, according to Heritage Auctions..

Are 1st Edition Pokemon cards worth anything?

On top of common and rare cards in the base set, there are variations such as Shadowless and First Edition Pokémon cards needed to complete an entire run. Those First Edition cards are especially some of the rarest and some are even considered to be among the most expensive Pokémon cards in general.

Are Pokemon cards a good investment?

Pokémon cards are collectibles, and many sets went out of print years ago. … Because of this, the investment model with Pokémon cards is exceedingly simple: After purchasing a rare card, the longer you hold on to it, the more profit you’ll make when you decide to sell.

How much is a 1995 Pikachu worth?

1995 pikachu Value: $0.99 – $5,600.00 | MAVIN.

How much is a 2016 Pikachu worth?

As of 2016, a Pokémon Pikachu Illustrator card was valued at approximately 100 thousand U.S. dollars….Most valuable Pokémon trading cards of all-time as of June 2016 (in U.S. dollars)Estimated value in U.S dollarsPokémon Pikachu Illustrator Card100,00011 more rows•Jun 13, 2016

How much is a 1995 Mew worth?

Mavin found 110 sold results for “1995 Mew promo”. Prices range from $1.04 to $700.00. The estimated market value is $17.64.

Why is Charizard card so expensive?

Appearing on the cover art of the Pokémon Red video game released for the Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Color during the mid-90s, Charizard has long been the most desirable of all the First Edition Pokémon cards. What makes this particular example especially valuable is its rarity in a BGS 10 “Pristine” grade.

What are the top 100 most valuable Pokemon cards?

Here are some of the most valuable Gold Star Pokemon cards:Charizard 100/101, EX Dragon Frontiers.Mew 101/101, EX Dragon Frontiers.Latias 105/107, EX Deoxys.Latios 106/107, EX Deoxys.Rayquaza 107/107, EX Deoxys.Celebi 100/100, EX Crystal Guardians.Gyarados 102/110, EX Holon Phantoms.Mewtwo 103/110, EX Holon Phantoms.More items…•

How much is a Pikachu card worth?

Due to its rarity, a Pikachu Illustrator card not in mint condition is worth at least $50,000. In 2014, one of these cards in mint condition was sold for $100,000 on eBay.

What is the rarest Pikachu card?

Pikachu Illustrator cardThe Pikachu Illustrator card is by far the rarest card in circulation, making it the Holy Grail of Pokemon! In fact, in 2020, we (ZenMarket) broke a world record by selling the world’s most expensive Pokémon card ever!

How do you tell if a Pokemon card is rare?

This is represented by a symbol located in the bottom right corner of every card. There should be a shape that indicates what rarity the card is. Common cards are marked with a black circle, uncommon cards have a black diamond, and rare cards always have a black star. This is the basic way to tell the rarity of a card.

How much is a 1995 magikarp worth?

Mavin found 14 sold results for “Magikarp 1995 Topsun”. Prices range from $4.99 to $827.00. The estimated market value is $32.87.

How much money is a 1995 Charmander worth?

1995 Charmander Value: $0.99 – $2,255.00 | MAVIN.

How strong is Ash’s Pikachu?

It is widely accepted that Ash’s Pikachu is one of the toughest Pikachus around, and it’s thanks to a number of power boosts it recieves right at the start of the anime. In the first 5 episodes alone Pikachu recieves multiple boosts that make it so strong.

How much is a Pikachu first edition worth?

Pikachu first edition Value: $0.99 – $899.99 | MAVIN.

How much is Pikachu 58 102 worth?

Base / #58 / CommonLow$1.50High$875Avg$126.97

How much is Mewtwo worth?

Mewtwo-EX – BREAKthrough 157/162 (Rare Holo ex)MerchantEditionPriceeBayUnlimited$1.55eBayUnlimited$3.60eBayUnlimited$3.95eBayUnlimited$4.3324 more rows