Quick Answer: Is It OK To Mix E10 And Unleaded?

Is e10 unleaded good for your car?

Ethanol is an octane booster for petrol, so E10 generally has an octane rating higher than 91.

(Notionally it’s 94, but in practise it depends on exactly how much ethanol there is in the ‘up to 10%’ blend at any particular re-fill.) This means your car will perform slightly better on E10 – but there is a trade-off..

Is e10 Fuel bad?

While a car not designed to run on E10 will likely not suffer engine damage, the ethanol can damage fuel lines and other parts of the fuel system, leading to longer term problems. E10 emissions can also damage the core of catalytic converters.

Is it OK to mix premium and unleaded?

It probably won’t hurt anything. If your car requires regular gas, the blend will have plenty of octane and detergent and may even run a little better or get a bit better mileage. If the car requires premium, the blend won’t have as much octane as it should.

Why is e10 cheaper than unleaded?

Ethanol has a lower energy content than petrol, so generally speaking it provides “less bang for your buck”. This means that you probably won’t drive quite as far on a tank of E10 as you would on a tank of 91 RON or 95 RON — or “premium” unleaded — fuel.

Is e10 gas the same as regular unleaded?

E10 represents 97% of the gasoline sold in the U.S. Unleaded 88 uses the same type of ethanol as blended in E10 but increases the ethanol content in a gallon of gasoline from 10% to 15%.