Quick Answer: Is Reading A Extracurricular Activity?

What’s the difference between extracurricular and co curricular activities?

Co-curricular activities are those activities that are outside of but usually complementing the regular curriculum.

Extracurricular activities are defined as those school-based activities that are not tied to the curriculum..

What’s considered an extracurricular activity?

Extracurriculars refer to activities pursued outside of the classroom. Examples of extracurricular activities are: being a member of a sports team, serving as chief editor of your school newspaper, or playing in a regional orchestra. Working a part-time job and volunteering also count as extracurriculars.

What is extracurricular reading?

Making Reading an Extracurricular Activity. The definition of an extracurricular is an activity performed by students that falls outside the realm of the normal curriculum of the school, college, or university education. … Reading doesn’t show that you’re a leader. In fact, it doesn’t share much about your character.

Does band count as an extracurricular activity?

Some electives may overlap with what would be considered extracurricular activities. For example, you can take marching band as an elective, but you also perform at sporting events, in competitions, and for the general public. Since these events occur outside of school hours, band is considered an extracurricular.

Is a hobby an extracurricular activity?

The definition of hobby is “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure”. So, yes, hobbies fall into the category of extracurricular activities.

Is work an extracurricular activity?

To begin, extracurricular activities are unpaid activities not pertaining to ordinary school classes, within or out of school. … On the other hand, school clubs and volunteer work are extracurricular activities.

What extracurricular activity should I do?

Impressive Extracurricular Activities:Student Government.Academic Teams and Clubs.The Debate Team.The Arts.Internships.Culture Clubs.Volunteer Work and Community Service.The Student Newspaper.More items…