Quick Answer: Which HDFC Credit Card Is Lifetime Free?

How do I know if my credit card is lifetime free?

You could also look for the words “Lifetime Free” or “LTF” in the card application form.

This means that you will not have to pay annual charges till you continue to use the card.

Interest rate: For credit cards, generally interest rates are 22-48% per annum..

Which is the best lifetime free credit card?

Card NameBest Suitable ForAnnual FeeICICI Amazon Pay Credit CardOnline ShoppingZeroKotak Royale Signature Credit CardAirport Lounges, FuelZeroSBI Unnati Credit CardFuel, Bill PaymentZero Zero (For first 4 years)Axis Bank Insta Easy Credit CardFuel, DiningZero6 more rows•Nov 8, 2020

What credit card does not charge annual fees?

Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card: Best for new cardholders. Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express: Best for U.S. gas stations and U.S. supermarkets. Discover it® Cash Back: Best for low interest.

How do I increase my credit card limit?

Apply for new card – This is the easiest way for Credit Card limit increase. Applying for a new, upgraded card will automatically give you a limit increase. You can choose from a wide variety of cards, preferably ones that give you additional Credit Card benefits compared to your existing card.

What is the limit of HDFC millennia credit card?

Hdfc Bank Millennia Credit CardCriteriaDetailsOccupationSalaried or Self-employedMinimum Income for Salaried ApplicantsRs. 25,000 per monthMinimum Income for Self-employed ApplicantsRs. 6,00,000 per monthServiceable CitiesClick here for the list of eligible cities

How can I make my HDFC millennia credit card lifetime free?

Lifetime FREE on completing 4 transactions of 500+ in a month for first 3 consecutive months.Up to 2,250 worth of cash points every month.8 free domestic airport lounge access in a year.

Which HDFC credit card is better?

Top 10 HDFC Credit Cards in India for 2020Credit CardAnnual Fee (in Rs.)Best Suited ForHDFC Regalia Credit Card2,500Shopping & TravelHDFC MoneyBack Credit Card500Rewards & ShoppingHDFC Millennia Credit Card1,000CashbackHDFC Titanium Times Credit Card500Movies & Dining6 more rows•Nov 10, 2020

How can I increase HDFC credit card limit?

For HDFC Credit Card Limit increase, you need to login to your account. Click on the tab ‘Credit Card’ and choose the option ‘Card Upgrade with Enhancement. If your card is eligible then, HDFC Credit Card Limit enhancement can be done by selecting the ‘Continue’ button.

Will I get charged if I don’t use my credit card?

However, you will not be charged any sort of inactivity fee by your credit card company if you don’t use your card to make purchases or other types of transactions for a prolonged period of time. Credit card inactivity fees are banned by law.

Is HDFC millennia credit card good?

Benefits. The Millennia credit card gives you 5% cashback on all shopping via SmartBuy & PayZapp, 2.5% cashback on all online spends, 1% cashback on in-store spends and wallet re-loads. You also get 8 complimentary lounge access in a calendar year. Plus, there is a fuel surcharge waiver of 1%.

Which bank credit card is best?

List of 10 Best Credit Cards in India for 2020Top 10 Credit CardsAnnual FeeBest Suited ForHSBC Cashback Credit CardNilShoppingStandard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit CardRs. 750Shopping and CashbackHDFC Regalia Credit CardRs. 2,500Travel and DiningAmazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit CardNilShopping6 more rows•Nov 2, 2020

Is HDFC credit card life time free?

Lifetime Free Credit Card – Get Credit Cards with No Annual Fee | HDFC Bank.