What Ball Does Rory McIlroy Use?

Why does Rory have 22 on his ball?

The ball features the number 22 on it, signifying his marriage to Erica Stoll on April 22, as well as something else.

“We looked up the meaning of numbers and the number 22 means powerful and high risk, high reward, and that’s sort of everything I am on the golf course so I thought that was appropriate,” McIlroy said..

What Ball does Tiger Woods use?

Bridgestone Tour B XSTiger Woods using the Bridgestone Tour B XS Tiger Woods Edition at the PGA Championship 2020. It’s well known that during Tiger’s days with Nike the ball itself was in fact made by Bridgestone, and simply branded with Nike’s iconic swoosh.

What Irons does Rory McIlroy use 2019?

He is gaming the TaylorMade P750 Tour Proto 4-iron and the TaylorMade P730 5-9 irons. They are stamped with ‘Rors Proto’. Although Rory has been gaming the TaylorMade Hi-Toe wedges recently he has swapped to the TaylorMade Milled Grind in 52°, 56° and 60°.

What clubs does Tiger use 2020?

This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.Driver: TaylorMade SIM (Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 60TX shaft), 9 degrees.3-Wood: TaylorMade M5 (Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 70TX shaft), 15 degrees.5-Wood: TaylorMade M3 (Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 80TX shaft), 19 degrees.More items…•

Should I use tp5 or tp5x?

The biggest difference between the TP5 and TP5X is the softness of the exterior. The TP5 golf ball has a soft cast urethane cover, and the TP5X has a slightly stiffer cast urethane cover. The TP5X’s firmer cover allows for more speed, a higher trajectory and less spin. … The TP5 has a .

Which ball does Rory use?

TaylorMade TP5Rory is now using the 2019 TaylorMade TP5 ball stamped with #22 and uses Nike shoes and apparel.