What Does Yurt Mean Irish Slang?

What does Beour mean in Irish slang?

(Ireland, slang) An (often attractive) woman or girl..

What does Yurt mean in Limerick?

Yurt. Most dictionaries will tell you that a yurt is a circular collapsible tent used by nomads but in Limerick ‘yurt’ is a replacement for ‘yes’. “Yurt kid!”

What does YUTE mean?

Yout originates in Jamaican Creole, where youth is pronounced like yoot and refers to young people. Yute dem, for instance, means “children” or “youth” more generally.

What does GURK mean?

stout well-built person: a stout well-built person.

What is a Langar in Ireland?

langer (plural langers) (slang, Ireland, derogatory) Fool; idiot; annoying or contemptible person (usually male). (slang, Ireland, derogatory, offensive, used in Cork) A person from south county Dublin.

What does MUP mean in Ireland?

Minimum unit pricingMinimum unit pricing (MUP) is a “floor price” beneath which alcohol cannot legally be sold and is based on the amount of alcohol in a product, measured in grammes. One standard drink in Ireland contains 10 grammes of alcohol and an MUP would apply per standard drink.

What does Yurt mean?

A traditional yurt (from the Turkic languages) or ger (Mongolian) is a portable, round tent covered with skins or felt and used as a dwelling by several distinct nomadic groups in the steppes of Central Asia.

What does a Bucktee mean?

2. “Bucket” or “Bucktee” This term is used to describe someone who is just plain whack. Essentially someone who doesn’t really do anything and is extremely lame.

What does YT mean?

Whitey”Whitey” (sometimes abbreviated as “yt”) is a slang term for a white person, often used in a pejorative manner.

Why do the Irish call the toilet the jacks?

An old Tudor phrase for lavatory, jacks is a term more commonly used in Ireland. This is likely a reference to Jack Power, who invented the first multiple cubicle toilet.