What Is The Impact Of Family Planning?

What are the effects of family planning?

Common side effects were irregular bleeding no period, headaches, nausea/dizziness and weight gain/loss.

These side effects occurred mainly among pill and injection users..

Why is family planning in a modern family important?

Modern family planning methods are preferred for many reasons such as pregnancy planning, limiting the number of children, avoiding unwanted pregnancy and avoiding health risks (12) (13) .

How does family planning affect population?

Family planning helps people have the desired number of children, which as a result improves the health of mothers and contributes to the nation’s social and economic development. … Such an unbalanced population size will inevitably have a negative impact on the wellbeing of the nation.

What is the safest family planning method?

Barrier methodsMale condom. Male condoms are a safe and effective method of birth control and sexually transmitted disease prevention; they are most effective when used in combination with spermicide. … Diaphragm. … Cervical cap. … Cervical shield. … Contraceptive sponge. … Spermicide. … Withdrawal method.

What is permanent method of family planning?

Permanent contraception methods are ways to permanently prevent pregnancy. Permanent contraception involves a minor surgical procedure by which the man or the woman is sterilized. It is possible to reverse surgical sterilization, but the reversal procedure is technically complicated and may not be successful.

What are the side effects of the 3 month injection?

Most people on the shot have some change in their periods, including bleeding more days than usual, spotting between periods, or no periods. This is most common during the first year. Other possible side effects include nausea, weight gain, headaches, sore breasts, or depression.

What impact does sterility have on family planning?

For men and women who no longer want to have children, sterilization offers a permanent, safe, cost-effective and efficacious way to prevent unintended pregnancy. Male sterilization is less common than female sterilization, but both are nearly 100% effective at preventing pregnancy.

What is the best method of family planning?

Contraceptives that are more than 99% effective:contraceptive implant (lasts up to 3 years)intrauterine system, or IUS (up to 5 years)intrauterine device, or IUD, also called the coil (up to 5 to 10 years)female sterilisation (permanent)male sterilisation or vasectomy (permanent)

Can I get pregnant on family planning injection?

Hormone implants cause pregnancy in less than 1 in 100 women. Due to its simplicity, she chose the hormone shot Depo-Provera, which requires injections every 12 weeks for optimal protection. Depo-Provera is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy, which means that 1 in 99 women will conceive while taking it.

What are the main objectives of family planning?

Goal: Improve pregnancy planning and prevent unintended pregnancy.Nearly half of pregnancies in the United States are unintended, 1 and unintended pregnancy is linked to many negative outcomes for both women and infants. … Unintended pregnancy is linked to outcomes like preterm birth and postpartum depression.More items…

What are disadvantages of family planning?

Disadvantages of natural family planning include:natural family planning does not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as chlamydia or HIV.you will need to abstain from sex during the fertile time of your menstrual cycle which some couples can find difficult.More items…

What are the aims and objectives of family planning?

Family planning services are defined as “educational, comprehensive medical or social activities which enable individuals, including minors, to determine freely the number and spacing of their children and to select the means by which this may be achieved.” Waiting until the mother is at least 18 years old before …

What are the three methods of family planning?

Contraception methodslong-acting reversible contraception, such as the implant or intra uterine device (IUD)hormonal contraception, such the pill or the Depo Provera injection.barrier methods, such as condoms.emergency contraception.fertility awareness.permanent contraception, such as vasectomy and tubal ligation.

What are the causes of family planning?

World Population Day—Six Reasons to Support Family PlanningImproving maternal health and child survival. … Reducing the number of abortions overall, especially unsafe abortion. … Preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV/AIDS. … Empowering women. … Promoting social and economic development and security. … Protecting the environment.

What is the advantage and disadvantage of family planning?

Combining natural family planning with another form of birth control, such as a condom, is recommended for couples who want to avoid pregnancy at all costs. One of the main advantages of natural family planning is that it does not involve the use of chemicals or hormones and therefore does not have any side effects.