What’S Another Word For Fit?

What is another word for physically fit?

What is another word for physically fit?wholehealthyfitterhardysturdyable-bodiedall rightfighting fithunky-doryin shape238 more rows.

How do you describe fit?

proper or becoming: fit behavior. qualified or competent, as for an office or function: a fit candidate. prepared or ready: crops fit for gathering. in good physical condition; in good health: He’s fit for the race.

What’s a word for fitting in?

What is another word for fitting in?fitting intosqueezing intosqueezing inslotting intoedging intoslipping onwearingdonningfittingtaking1 more row

What is the opposite of recovery?

Opposite of the process of returning to a normal state of health. deterioration. relapse. destruction. worsening.

What are the eight parts of speech?


What is another word for fit?

What is another word for fit?suitableappropriaterightfittingmeetaptproperqualifiedseemlyable201 more rows

What’s another word for suited?

Similar words for suited: applicable (adjective) capable (adjective) conformable (adjective) convenient (adjective)

What is another word for suitable?

Some common synonyms of suitable are appropriate, apt, felicitous, fitting, fit, happy, meet, and proper.

Is befit a word?

befit v. to be fit for.

What is the meaning of suited?

adjective. 1predicative Right or appropriate for a particular person, purpose, or situation. ‘the task is ideally suited to a computer’ More example sentences. ‘the job is well suited to your abilities and experience’

What does befitting mean?

adjective. suitable; proper; becoming: planned with a befitting sense of majesty.